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Testimonials: For Pantsers

"As a pantser, I didn't think any plotting method would work for me. I was worried if I tried to lay my plot out and work on it with Becca, I'd get bored and not want to write it. Becca's system allows you to go deep into your characters, adding depth and an emotional core that will be addictive and satisfying to readers. Becca gives you the heart of your story. No more plot overwhelm. She's my new secret weapon!"
– Lee Savino, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I went into the experience feeling skeptical about the value of plotting time... I'm a confirmed pantser. 2 hours of one-on-one time with Becca later and I was over the moon excited about the project I was working on. She adapted to my writing and learning style by approaching the concept of plotting in a different way, and helped me truly hash out the characters and motivations much more firmly than I normally do. It was incredible, and now I want to talk to Becca about all of my future books! Her feedback and line of questioning are top tier."
 Jillian Liota