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Developmental Editor & Fairy Plot-Mother

Becca Mysoor 

Becca has spent the last 8+ years helping full-time to first-time authors alike, plot, write, and market their books spanning genres from romance to thriller to science fiction. She loves helping authors bring stories to the page. She can't wait to help you do the same.

No matter your reason for writing or your level of experience, she wants to help you create stories locked away in your imagination so you can share them with others. 

When she isn't working, you can find her watching movies with her husband or exploring new cities to search for delicious snacks.

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Editor & Marketing Analysit

Theresa Leigh  

Theresa Leigh is a lover of story in all its forms. At FairyPlotMother, she is thrilled to be able to provide her fellow authors with plotting help, developmental edits, and grammar based edits. With over a decade spent immersed in the indie publishing world, Theresa has an innate and intuitive understanding of all things story structure and reader expectation, and when you work with her, she will be both your relentlessly optimistic cheerleader and an endless idea factory.
When Theresa isn't reading a book, writing a book, or thinking about books, you might find her chasing her twin boys around the house, repeatedly asking her cats why they are kitties, watering her collection of over 100 houseplants, or striding up another mountain in her quest to summit every high point in the Northeastern United States.
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Line Editor & Proofreading FPM Partner at Erica Edits

Erica Russikoff

Using the knowledge she learned from her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, Erica has been editing and proofreading books for 16 years. She loves tweaking, polishing, and perfecting manuscripts by both new and seasoned authors. She works on all genres of fiction, although romance holds a special place in her heart.

When Erica isn’t seated in front of her computer, you can find her eating at her favorite dumpling house or New York pizza spot. You can also find her searching for her next rescue dog. She has been happily married for nearly 20 years.

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Executive Assistant

Tori Guasch

Tori is a romance reader at heart. She has past experiences with working directly with authors for beta reading and marketing their books.  Along with her own social media presence as an influencer, she brings a unique outlook to Fairy Plot-Mother. She is thrilled to work with authors to get their books into the hands of their perfect reader.

You can find Tori either reading a book, talking about books, or researching books for her next read.


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